47% of ISB employees would change their means of transport

47% of the workforce would be willing to change their means of transport to the workplace for more sustainable ones.

ISB Spain continues its sustainable transport plan and publishes the first results of the study by the consultancy Cycling Friendly Mobility

According to the study, among the employees of ISB Spain’s work center in Badalona, 47% of the workforce would be willing to change their means of transportto the workplace for a more sustainable one.

A fact that underlines the social and environmental awareness of the employees and the successful commitment of the company to this ambitious project.

One of the plan’s objectives for the coming years is to reduce 14% of polluting emissions from commuting, as well as 15% of CO2 emissions responsible for climate change.

Political supports will be taken for car sharing, teleworking, the acquisition of a PMV.

The installation of infrastructures and services to obtain the Cycling Friendly Mobility certification with the goal of promoting safe access by bicycle.

Targets in line with those of the European Mobility Week (SEM) 2020 which took place this year from 16 to 22 September, exactly under the motto “for zero-emission mobility”.

A week to remember that there is an urgent need to improve the mobility model. Encouraging more sustainable means of transport such as public transport, walking and cycling.


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