5 key aspects that a Mobility Plan should have

The sustainable mobility planmust have an organized structure, realistic actions and goals, in addition to spacial limits, including all journeys envisaged in it.

The decision of a company sustainable mobility plan is the first step. It may sound simple, but this decision shows the company’s commitment to society, its employees and shareholders, and in essence with the planet.

After the important first decision, the rest of the work is launched.

Firstly, an analysis and diagnosis of the current situation, with participation of the labor force through mobility surveys. From this diagnosis arises a SWOT(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). The design of the plan is based on it, setting out goals, indicators and targets (evaluable, scheduled and with provided resources).

The mobility plan must be open and participatory to the agents involved to make suggestions. The mobility coordinator within the organization is important.

In the implementation and promotion stage of the plan, the actions are specified to achieve the agreed goals, raise awareness and provide relevant promotion planning. The design of incentive plans to reward employees based on the goals achieved is extremely interesting.

The purpose of the monitoring and evaluation stage is to obtain information to adapt or change the actions that ensure that the goals proposed in the plan are achieved.

“Our actions are changing the world and now is the time to act. Move with our plan”

Mobility plansmake it possible to adapt the unsustainable habits of employees and promote applications that reduce traffic and are environmentally friendly. For example, a commuter plan should promote the use of public transport, encourage and reward cycling, and develop car sharing. This plan should also focus on identifying shortcomings in the infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists, and how to promote teleworking.


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