5 reasons to implement a Transportation to Work Plan

A Transportation to Work plan should be on the roadmap of most companies. Here are the reasons why.

Currently, the bulk of daily commuting is to the workplace. These same journeys in many cases produce peak traffic, traffic jams, road accidents… but until now, any company action has always been unlinked. However, a company cannot work for the well-being of its employees without being aware how employees commute. This involvement in labor mobility by companies is expressed through the Transportation to Work Plans, for which we are going to give you 5 reasons why you should have one in your company.

Improving Employee Productivity

By improving the way your employees commute, you directly contribute to their productivity. You can do this in many ways: promoting healthier ways of commuting to work, making commuting times more flexible to avoid rush hours, offering the possibility of teleworking to avoid unnecessary commuting…There is nothing worse than commuting to the workplace and running into a traffic jam that makes us arrive half an hour late. Being in a bad mood makes us all much more unproductive.

You are aware of their mobility needs

Transportation to Work Plans

Within the development of a Transportation to Work Plan, one of the key phases is the mobility survey. It is through these surveys of a company’s employees that mobility dynamics are better known and the needs that are later included in the labor mobility proposals. In short, plans that are built through the participatory action of workers, making it a much more complete and successful plan.

Commitment to a healthier transportation model

Implementing a Transportation to Work Plan implies working towards a commuting model that values sustainable commuting, whether on foot or by bicycle. Encouraging these modes of commuting is working to improve the health of employees.

You adapt to the future Sustainable Mobility Law

Sustainable Mobility Law

In another post, we reviewed the different requirements that companies will have regarding the mobility of the future, being obliged to carry out Sustainable Transportation to Work Plansin some cases. By implementing a Transportation to Work Plan, you will be adapting to the new legislative framework and the 2030 SDGs.

The planet will thank you

Sometimes we may forget, but we couldn’t live as we do if it weren’t for the fact that our planet is livable. Unfortunately, we sometimes seem to be striving for the opposite, to ensure that no one can live in it, and a large part of that responsibility lies with motor vehicle commuting emissions. Companies cannot turn a blind eye to the climate crisis, and committing to the implementation of Sustainable Transportation to Work Plans is focusing on pollution reducing.

Companies such as Cajamar, ISB or Fan Mallorca Shopping, with whom we have been working in recent months, have already launched their respective Sustainable Transportation to Work Plans. Do you need any help in your company? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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