A great companies’ agreement to promote sustainable mobility

More than fifty companies yesterday attended an event held in Madrid which aims to promote mobility among companies by signing “the agreement for sustainable mobility”.

Yesterday, the event organized by the Companies for Sustainable Mobility platform was held, of which Mobility By Cycling Friendly is member since its beginnings. On an idyllic morning, in an open space such as the Palacio Zurbano (Madrid) and on a splendid sunny morning, more than fifty companies from different sectors attended the event in order to promote sustainable mobility.

The event was launched by the coordinator of “Companies for Sustainable Mobility”, May López

, who stated that:

By signing the Sustainable Mobility Agreement, we are not only looking for commitments from our members. We also want to serve as a guide for all those organisations that are not yet aware of the regulatory changes that are being established. We want to make it easier for them to establish strategies to ensure the mobility of their employees, goods and suppliers”.

The event was also attended by María José Rallo, General Secretary for Transport and Mobility, who welcomed the signing of the agreement:

It indicates very clearly what actions lead to the transformation of mobility, a transformation that must be carried out jointly between the public and private sectors, and the citizens themselves through their decisions.

In addition, the General Secretary stressed that such an important investment for sustainable mobility has never been launched before, through the 1,000 million euros of the call for Low Emission Zonesand 20,000 million for pilot projects for action plans for Spanish Urban Agenda.

The start of the European Mobility Week could not have been better, allowing us to attend a unique event where more and more companies are joining Companies for Sustainable Mobility.

An enjoyable and different event where each company could enjoy networking, respecting the security measures where attendees could chat outdoors about concerns regarding sustainable mobility.

The event ended with the signing of the “Agreement for Sustainable Mobility”.

Finally, we want to encourage all those companies to participate in the 2nd Edition of the EMS International Mobility Awards.


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