A walking and cycling London after lockdown

A new study from the English Automobile Association (AA) shows that 36% more London motorists will advocate walking and cycling after lockdown.

The AA-Populus survey of nearly 20,000 drivers showed that 22% will drive less, 51% will drive as before and 1% will drive more.

According to AA president Edmund King OBE: “There are likely to be major changes in the way we travel after lockdown. The analysis suggests that one fifth could make less use of public transport in cities after the alert. Fewer parking lots and fewer traffic jams outside London, with the resultant switch to private transport to avoid public transport fearing a virus infection.

“However, this trend can be countered by those who are used to leaving their cars at home during the lockdown. More than one in five say they will drive less when the restrictions are lifted. At least one in ten probably works from home and the use of the car or public transport is gradually reducing.

“The demand for vehicles will continue, but people will use them less. Lowered congestion with major environmental benefits.

After a 900 million euro investment in promoting bicycle use in London in 2016. More than 650,000 people today use bicycles as their usual means of transport. Although a change is afoot after the lockdown, the figure is increasing even further. Some will avoid public transport, others will drive less and many more will cycle, run and walk more.“.

London joins the main cities committed to sustainable urban mobility, including Milan, New York, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Oslo, Paris and Zurich, among others. #WeRideAgainstClimateChange

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