Air pollution is causing more infections and deaths from Coronavirus

Many studies provide compelling evidence on the relationship between air pollution and the increase in infections, hospitalizations and deaths from the Coronavirus.

A small increase in exposure is shown to increase the number of infections and hospitalizations by 10%, and the number of deaths by 15%.

Air pollution has been shown to increase the impact of the virus. Europe, China and USA. It is striking that the worst pollution percentages do not occur in the big cities, but in the countryside where livestock farms predominate, which rules out “the big city effect”.

Professor Matthew Cole from the University of Birmingham, UK, remarked “What really surprised me is that the relationship is really strong.”

Another study by researchers at Harvard University (USA) learned that an 8% increase in deaths for every one point increase in pollution.

Raise awareness and start taking part in Sustainable Mobility, in order to stop this pandemic and avoid future ones! Because global air pollution damages our quality of life.

The air quality in our cities is essential to prevent future respiratory problems, cancer-related diseases or simply improve our life quality. For this reason, we must avoid congestion in both large and small cities and move towards sustainable mobility vehicles.

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