Are the cyclists the new Kings of the city?

If we have to ask for a gift, just one, in a day of illusion like this. Then we ask for mobility by bicycle!

We don’t want to understate other priorities: health, love, money… but this year we mainly focus on health. But when it comes to requests, let’s ask for something that excites us: More people should have a bicycle and use it on their daily trips, to study, work, shop or enjoy their free time.

And if we are allowed a license, this type of active mobility will also bring us health (we cannot deny the benefits of cyclingin this area), it will bring us love (because it releases endorphins and serotonin that makes us happier) and it will bring us money (because it is efficient and affordable)

In addition, it will help us with one of the most important challenges for the next decade: the fight against climate change. The bicycle is the only vehicle with zero emissions of polluting and greenhouse gases.

Dreaming that the Magiwill bring us what we want … in 2021 we would like to cycle more, so that our colleagues, friends, children and young people can cycle through the safe streets and cycling-friendly cities in the world. We hope that the bicycle remains one of the most requested gifts for the Three Kings. Is it or not a great gift?

This is our letter to the Magi #WeRideAgainstClimateChange

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