In times of pandemic, more than ever, bike to school

Minister Celaá insists that parents take their children riding a bike on the safest roads and avoiding public transport.

Every morning, on television, we have information on back to schoolby teachers, unions and the government, as well as on security measures and the school action protocol.

The latest news is from August 27 when the Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá urges parents to take their children by bicycle using the safest and most comfortable way to avoid the use of public transport, a measure of health but that will affect the mobility of this country.

But we also want to focus on one of the most important problems of back to school, traffic jams in the vicinity of schools, the parking problem and the little sustainable mobility to schools.

Did you know that the average commuting trips do not exceed 2.5 km and even so in our country we continue to take the car.

But in citiessuch as Bogotá and especially in the Netherlands, 3 out of 4 students go to school by bike.

In our country there are already projects to promote the use of bicycles to school, such as the research carried out by ConBici

Are you investing what is needed to promote cycling at school?

Little is being invested in the cities on more cycle lanesand safer school roads.

If in cities the bike use were encouraged to go to school safely, many families would use bicycles as a means of transport.

A minimum investment is required, about 30 euros per citizen for more cycle lanes near the school and the college.

But to this investment we must also add infrastructures in schools, with bicycle parking facilities within the school or institute and a decalogue of good use.

Do not hesitate, jump on and join the change of the Cycling Friendly Mobilityand adapt school facilities and surroundings.

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