Keeping your bike in a tip-top shape is more important than it sounds.

The bikeis your everyday vehicle. A vehicle recommended by the WHO. Preventive maintenance planning to keep your bike in optimal conditions. Compromising on comfort and security. Anyway, you will avoid possible breakdowns and prevent getting stranded. A chore when it comes to ensuring our daily mobility in a safe, agile and efficient way.

Here are some essential bike maintenance tips.

1.- Cleaning and lubrication

Moistureand dirt are your bike’s worst enemy. Your bike gets rusty and ruins gear shifting. Keep your bikeclean and dry.

Many components (chain, sprockets, chainrings, …) need lubrication to increase its service life. It is important to keep the transmission parts of your bikegreased.

2.- Brakes

To protect and check the brakes is essential to prevent accidents. Never ignore warning signs of brake system problems, shoes, pads and discs, to be replaced if needed.

3.- Tyres

Tyrepressureadjustments, tyre behaviour is a critical factor in bicycle performance. Cycling with inadequate tire inflation pressure affects tire grip, braking ability and bike wear. Cycling with the correct tire pressure, get you less exhausted and avoid punctures.

A right tyre tread pattern benefit a better grip on wet pavement.

Your bicycle is your transport! A tune-up of your trusted mechanics will be appreciated. Bike maintenance basics, a key role .

4.- Transmission

Regularly check the transmissioncomponents for thewear level, paying special attention to the chain.

5.- Changing gear, clearances, steering and suspension

Check cables, covers and correct adjustments to the derailleur for smooth and quiet shifting.

Check clearances and screw tightening of the main elements such assteering, pedals, bottom bracket, fork and saddle. A loose screw may result in a serious accident.

Saddle heightand seating position, key roles for comfortable cycling. Check for proper functioning of the suspensionto extend its duration.

6.- Lights and ringtone

Well functioning of the front (white) and rear (red) lights, is essential,

other elements such as retro-reflectors devices (reflective) and the ringtone, in addition to being mandatory elements, are relevant to security.

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