One of the challenges for 2021 is to improve mobility by cycling to the hospital.

Hospitals are one of the essentials in cities that are visited by thousands of citizens every day and often host the highest traffic.

According to urban viewpoints, they are located on the city outskirts because of their large urban area.

A recent mobility study by mobility experts warns of thegender gap in bicycle use in our country.

Currently, the study suggests men cycle more often than women in cities. However, more men than women work in hospitals.

Hospitalsare hot spots for mobility, traffic jams, very aggressive traffic behaviour and lack of parking facilities.

Many studies reveal that the building and its surroundings are one of the major common problems of the main Spanish cities.

These negative factors are pushing both hospital managers themselves and mobility consultants to change work and patient mobility.

The commitment to health by cycling

From Mobility by Cycling Friendly, we continue promoting safer bike lanes, and road training to healthcare professionals.

More than an example shows how they are adapting to our movement to healthy commuting to hospitals, whether you are a worker or a patient.

The Son Espases University Hospitalhas a safe cycle lane that will be opened to public in short time, in addition to indoor facilities for workers to safely stall their bikes.

Other case examples of the benefits of cycling to the hospital are the Espluges de Llobregat and Bellvitge hospitals.

Located in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, they have their own bike facilities so that both healthcare workers and patients can safely leave their bikes outside the hospital.

COVID-19 has made us rethink the way we commute and one of them is to change as well as transform hospitals by making them join Mobility Cycling Friendly.

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