Bici-Taxi, sustainable urban transport

Why not change de taxi fleet in our cities?

One of the means of transport that can be adapted to sustainable mobility is the taxi, together with electric cars, we could have a fleet of bici-taxis that would provide citizens and tourists with a new experience to move around cities.

Bike lane roads, a way to move with greater flexibility and speed.

A vehicle, 4 people plus the driver, that allows you to enjoy the main parts of the cities without any pollution.

A new means of transport that would give the “green” stamp to cities that are adapting part of the taxi fleet.

This model could be inspired by the famous “Becak”, which are so popular in the Asian continent and have always had very good acceptance among the population.

In Europe, they are called “Pedicabs”in several major capitals and are increasingly in demand.

There are different models so that the customer can choose the one that best suits his needs.

Currently, in cities such as Madrid, more than 75% of the fleet are vehicles powered by diesel or petrol. If part of this percentage were to be adapted to the new Bici-Taxi, a significant CO2 reduction would therefore be achieved.

Madrid has announced that this means of transport will be the new ecological transport in the “new normal”, Madrid will subsidizethe purchase of bicycles to facilitate the integration of the Bici-Taxi in the mobile park of Madrid, as this is the new way of transport around the city center.

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