Bicycle Master Plan

If your locality is interested in boosting cycling, it is essential to set up a Bicycle Master Plan.

At Mobility Friendly we help you to set up a BMP to promote bicycle commuting.

Some of our projects

We develop detailed mobility studies to ground a new, more sustainable, healthier and safer mobility.

Many companies and institutions already rely on our mobility studies.

Talk to our experts and we will help you plan your mobility study.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the main goal of a BMP?
    The main goal of a Bicycle Master Plan, after analyzing the territorial, social and economic characteristics, and the demand and supply of bicycle mobility in the corresponding city or municipality, is to promote the bicycle as a means of daily mobility.
  • Does the drafting of a Bicycle Master Plan oblige or commit to follow its indications?
    The BMP sets guidelines for cycling infrastructure, services and road safety and is to be followed on a voluntary but not mandatory basis. If fixed measures are required, the plan should be complemented by an effective Traffic Ordinance.
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