Bike sales increased by 24.1% in 2020, reaching a record number of 1,565,233 units sold. The overall turnover of the industry has grown by 39.39%, reaching the figure of 2,607.38M.

Actually, there has been a bike boom. And we couldn’t be more pleased.

These are the latest industry statisticsrecently published by the Association of Brands and Bicycles of Spain (AMBE).

The positive results of the pandemic are reflected in an increase in bicycle use and in the number of cyclists. Cycling is at the top of the de-escalation process as the safest, healthiest, and most convenient way to get around the city, play sports, or enjoy leisure time.

And this has enabled exceptional growth in bicycle sales despite stockouts. Record sales figures.

The strongest sales increases were observed in e-models (48.9%) and urban ones (46.4%).

Those who promote sustainable mobility and commit to cycling as a vehicle for everyday use are particularly satisfied with the additional information. For the first time in history, the % increase in urban bicycle sales ranks second, with growth of 46.39%.

E-models experience an increase of 48.9% despite the zero public subsidies that cars do receive.

In this sense, Europe is way ahead. According to new analysis from the European Cycling Federation, there are almost 300 tax-incentives and purchase-premium in Europe to encourage the purchase of e-bikes, the cost of which is the largest barrier for many potential users.

Here we have testimonials such as those of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, ​​the Generalitat Valenciana, the Community of Madrid or the Basque Energy Agency.

The MTB for everyday use.

Even so, the queen is still the MTB with 38.8% of unit shares. Although it is true we see them in cities. It’s a bike type for everyday use.

Road bikes have a unit share of 6.8%, urban bikes 8.7%, children’s bikes 32.2% and e-bikes 13.6%. Of the latter, however, we do not know what type they correspond to.

The turnover of the sector continues to grow, as more and more cities are opting for sustainable mobility by bicycle, the creation of cycle lanes and parking spaces. No doubt parallel to the transformation and awareness of society.



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