Cargo bikes as an alternative family transport solution.

Two wheels with front load, extra long or tricycles, the high versatility of the cargo bikes makes them an excellent option for family transport.

In previous posts we already mentioned the cargo bikes as the best solution as urban parcel carriers.

Along this line, the City Change Cargo Bike project has been working to accelerate the use of urban Cargo Bikes in the main EU countries.

This project, largely funded by the European Union, increases its potential for both freight and family transport. It lasts three years and got off the ground in 2018.

This type of bicycle is believed to have a growth potential of 25% in case of its use as a cargo bike, 50% for commercial and repair services, and up to 75% on shopping trips, children and leisure transport.

The Spanish participant in the project is the Center for Environmental Studies (CEA), which acts on behalf of the Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council, one of the cities most involved in the need to create increasingly liveable and thus sustainable urban places.

Among the various actions taken to promote cargo bikes, the two following informative guides stand out: “Take the kids on a family bike” and “20 good reasons to ride a cargo bike“.

Both show us the benefits of getting one in a very illustrative way, and these would be some of the reasons to buy a cargo bike:

  1. Environmentally friendly.
  2. Offering affordable and practical options.
  3. Making cities healthier places to live.
  4. Relieving urban traffic congestion.
  5. Improving accessibility to transport.
  6. Promoting gender iquality.
  7. Improving family mobility.
  8. Contributing to a vibrant livelier street atmosphere.
  9. Enhancing intermodality.
  10. Versatile trading platforms.

Regarding the informative guide on the use of cargo bikes as family transport, we could highlight the following:

  • Transport infants in a safe way.
  • The ability to transport more than one toddler at a time.
  • The example for children to commit to a sustainable option.
  • The bicycle makestransport a fun and cohesive family experience.

Just a little reminder, there are three types of cargo bikes for family use: Longjohns, Tricycles or Extra long, and we will choose one based on our needs.

And you, what do you think of Cargo Bikes as a transport solution for the whole family?

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