CICLOBCN21: pedaling towards sustainable mobility

A new edition of CICLOBCN21 is scheduled from October 5 to 10 in Barcelona, an event that will be atended by Mobility by Cycling Friendly.

The congress is divided into 2: the first part is focused on cycling tourism through the Eurovelo Conference 2021 and the second part on the 7th Iberian Bicycle Congress.

Pedaling together for a brighter future in cities. The bike will take center stage in Barcelona.

A congress that brings together hundreds of professionals from the cycling tourism and sustainable mobility sector. Participants can enjoy exhibitions through its program, technical visits, networking..

And all with a clear goal, to defend the role of the bicycle as a means of transport in large cities, and to reaffirm the commitment of the institutions and the community through a policy to encourage its use, in addition to adapting cities.

And how are the goals promoted by CICLOBCN21 achieved?

Obtaining public space from car spaces, creating super blocksas in the city of Barcelona, promoting the use of bicycles, all these issues were addressed in the programme and focus of the VII International Cycling Congress.

  • Axis 1 – Resilience of Cities and Regions.
  • Axis 2 – Advancement of knowledge and local economy.
  • Axis 3 – Promotional sytems, monitoring and governance.
  • Axis 4 – Cities and regions for the people.
  • Axis 5 – Ecology, health and sport.
  • Axis 6 – Participation of cycling communities.

The conference was a success thanks to the joint initiatives of the Coordinator in Defense of the Bike (ConBici), the Portuguese Federation of Cycle Tourism (FPCUB).

The aim of this conference is to transform cities to meet present and future challenges faced by society, challenges set out in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

From Mobility By Cycling Friendly, we are delighted to attend these conferences, doing our bit to improve the future of cities thanks to all the solutions we provide with our experience.


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