Commitment to the car

Mobility by Cycling Friendly is committed to the car-bike rack to promote sustainable mobility.

Let it not be said that because we are pro-bike we are anti-car. Nothing could be further from the truth. We love cars, their functionality and versatility. So we present ours.

How about? It’s really cool!

Land consumption

The car owns the city. We allocate 60% of the urban space despite being parked 92% of the time.

Our car-bike rack takes up as much space as any other parked car in our city, but is slightly more efficient. One car space can accommodate 12 bikes.

With an emphasis on profitable use of bicycle parking spaces, 12 bicycle parking spaces versus a parking space for one car. Ideal to encourage urban bicycle use, due to the visual impact and the message in the design (reduction of public-private car space)

Our car is CO2 emission free Contributes with a positive impact and fights climate change. Easy to install and requires no maintenance. The design of this bike rack allows users to lock both the frame and the wheel. For added safety, it provides additional protection at each end, in addition to physical safety separation from traffic.

We stand up for the car. Please help us fill the streets with cars!



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