Cycling and urban congestion

Bicycles are an excellent urban vehicle. A more sustainable and friendlier mobility model. However, some opponents point to possible effects of urban traffic congestion due to the mentioned shared streets or “cyclo streets” and the consequence of a lower traffic speed.

Bicycles do not slow down the car significantly in cities; urban low-speed and – volume roads without a cycle lane.

This is the conclusion of a study by researchers at Portland State University (United States) published in the journal ‘Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board’.

The speeds of the cars on this type of car / bicycle shared road have only decreased by 1.6 km / h due to the presence of a cyclist. Not causing traffic congestions.

In addition, there is the specific case of e-bikes which, with better performance in terms of speed and acceleration, can match or even surpass the drivers of combustion vehicles.

Although cyclists prefer to separate modes by segregated and protected cycle lanes, this is not always possible in all urban environments.

The solution of cyclo streets or shared roads is thus a viable urban alternative. Those who are committed to friendlier, safer and more sustainable mobility. An easy option to implement in urban centers and 30 km/h areas.

Bicycles are undoubtedly a great urban means of transport. Conventional, hybrid. electric, folding; any type is useful, practical, fun and brings many benefitsto your health.

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