“Cycling everywhere” New Year’s duty

For the new year ahead, we must honour our duty, a New Year’s intention, the benefit to pedal everywhere. And this must be a duty because the planet can’t wait any longer.

January is the best month to propose new goals. With the new beginning of the year, we feel like we have a blank sheet to fill with all good things: from stop smoking to doing more exercise. This New Year, with more reasons than ever, is time for New Year’s duties.

The intention is usually sincere, but the will to achieve our goals are losing strength over the weeks. In Cycling Friendly Mobility we have already made our list of cycling goals for 2021, and we are also thinking about the goals that are most common among cycling enthusiasts. Go for it!

1. Use the bikeas a normal means of transport

An essential goal. Big cities are making it increasingly easier for us to move around by bicycle: low-emission zones, cycle lanes, limited parking facilities, public bicycle rental… so why not benefit? Quite simply, we have plenty of excuses: the car is more comfortable, bad weather conditions, I can’t carry crap, etc. All these excuses have a solution, but the planet does not. But it’s no longer an option. Few scientists doubt the Earth is warming, and the consequences are dire. Without a doubt it will affect our daily live. This is how 77% of the Spanish citizens consider

80% of Spanish citizens believe that only a collective action can reverse climate change. “

Increasing cycling, the only vehicle with zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, is one of the collective actions that will help us reverse this tide.

2. Learning to ride a bike

This is one of the most tender personal projects. Especially in people who for some reason didn’t learn to ride a bike when they were little and who now become … without ever getting on a bike. It is important to learn, because once you do it, you will never forget! The key is to have the support of someone who knows how and wants to help you with this great little achievement. There is nothing embarrassing about it; don’t let shame take away your desire to learn. Learning to ride a bike is something worthwhile and one of those things that characterize a person’s life.

Cycling through the city sometimes scares us, our own insecurity to share the road with cars, but when we fill the streets with bicycles, safety increases. It’s ironic. We don’t take the bike because there are many cars, but there are a lot of cars because we don’t take the bike,

3. Be more concerned about the maintenance of our bicycle

A good cyclist knows the rituals of caring for his bike: cleaning it regularly, greasing it occasionally, checking the pressure of the wheels, checking the brakes, that all screws are tight … Another matter is to comply. Not only does this goal emerge at the start of a new year, it is also usually of a very recurring nature, when we have an accident with the bike and we curse not having paid more attention to its maintenance before we start cycling.

4. Go cycling with friends at the weekends

Going out on Sundays with colleagues, the urbanization residents or friends of the institute you are in contact with, is very common these days. And it would be unbelievably popular if everyone who put their minds to it, do it. Fortunately, peer pressure exerts great strength in making these city or mountain excursions a habit, but on a personal level, there is still a long way to go. And yes, if you feel really comfortable in bed and get up early on weekends, holidays or vacations, this seems like a crime. But… do we forget the satisfaction one feels after a good route with the family?

5. A sporting challenge or cyclingholiday experience

This is one of the most satisfying purposes for two-wheel enthusiasts. Sign up for a bike tour, a triathlon, participate in professional bike challenges or any other local event, put a date on the calendar that gives you reasons. A cycle route by bicycle is the best way to explore a zone. A sustainable way of tourism. Doing it together increases the chances to achieve. Do any of these cycling purposes meets yours? Share with us!

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