Cycling Friendly joins CAEB

Carmen Planas: “From CAEB we prefer the implementation in the Balearic Islands companies of sustainable mobility plans aligned with the SDGs and the Agenda 2030, agreement by the UN”.

Jan Choueiri: “Our goal in Cycling Friendly is to promote a culture change in the use of the bicycle in our workaday as the most efficient and sustainable vehicle”.

The president of the Confederation of Professional Associations of the Balearic Islands (CAEB), Carmen Planas, and the CEO of Cycling Friendly, Jan Choueiri, have signed the incorporation of this Majorcan and internationalized company into the network of collaborating entities of CAEB.

“To work together in favor of the implementation among Balearic companies of sustainable mobility plans aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)and the 2030 Agenda agreed by the UN”, underlined Carmen Planas.

The president of CAEB indicated that “Cycling Friendly is a consultancy, quality certification and service provider for cycle tourism and sustainable mobility with a leading-edge experience in cycle tourism.

In addition to being a high quality certification and intermediation services for cyclists not only for accommodation and tourism customers, but also for companies engaged in sustainable mobility”.

Cycling Friendly Mobility: Leaders in cultural change

Jan Choueiri explained that “at Cycling Friendly, we cooperate with different organizations, in order to promote a cultural change in favor of the use of the bicycle in our daily life, as a more efficient and sustainable vehicle “

Cycling Friendly’s CEO also stated that “we specialize in developing comprehensive sustainable mobility plans for companies as well as for shopping centers and public centers, also providing solutions in cycling infrastructure, signage, advice and training.”

The president of CAEB underlined that “sustainable mobility is a challenge that we must tackle and which is the subject of various SDGs aimed at ensuring health and well-being.

  1. ODS 3: promoting affordable and green energy.

2. ODS 7: making cities and communities sustainable.

3. ODS 11: together with SDG 17, that permeates all the actions we promote from CAEB based on the alliances that we are forging to move forward in achieving the 2030 Agenda ”.

Discounts “for companies to implement Sustainable Mobility Plans”

Carmen Planas added that “thanks to the agreement reached, all professional organizations and companies associated with CAEB will benefit from a 10% reduction on their services for the implementation of a sustainable mobility plan”.

Cycling Friendly Mobility, experts in sustainable mobility

Jan Choueiri details that “the contribution of Cycling Friendly covering several areas, emphasizing the conduct of mobility surveys, diagnosis and initial assessment, the development of a sustainable mobility plan and tailor-made advice to adapt the facilities.

Likewise, Cycling Friendly is also an “equipment supplier to create the necessary infrastructure, develop incentive programs and design safety plans”.

Without forgetting “communication advice with a special emphasis on the carbon footprint, research and management of subsidies and the development of an employee benefit planning”.

Equally important are annual awareness talks, monitoring and correcting any deviations from the pre-designed strategy and action programm.


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