Cycling Friendly Mobility in Summit 2021

Cycling Friendly Mobility takes part as a speaker at the Summit 2021 organized by Companies based on Sustainable Mobility.

Under the slogan ‘Promoting Sustainable Mobility from Companies’, Cycling Friendly is collaborating in the Summit 2021. A meeting forum for professionals that aims to promote sustainable mobility, contributing to the2030 Agenda and sustainable growth from an economic, social and environmental point of view.

More than 30 reference speakers will discuss three thematic blocks, current affairs, trends, etc. An essential meeting point for the sector and an excellent networking opportunity. The event can be followed in streaming as it will be broadcast by EFE Agency, the event’s media partner.

Sustainable mobility companiesin a professional reference point specialized in sustainable mobility. Through collaboration between organizations, with the goal to make a real change of mobility challenges.

Challenges such as pollution, affecting the quality of life of thousands of people. Or the prevailing need to reduce emissions to fight climate change.

Cycling Friendly, is one of the founders of the platform and a prominent activist, emphasizing the important role of the bicyclein Sustainable Mobility.

The bicycle is the vehicle that stands for sustainable mobility. The impact of cycling on sustainable mobility is unique. Firstly, because it is the only zero-emission vehicle (which will help us with the recent commitment of 55% emissions reductions agreed by the EU 2030 Goals).

Secondly, because it is a vehicle that breaks with major oil energy or electricity generation dependence, from non-renewable sources.

In addition, there is no doubt that promoting healthy habits yields great returns in lowering healthcare costs, absenteeism, improving productivity, etc.

In this way, once again mobility on the bicycle provides a double benefit in improving public health. Firstly, improving the air we alle breathe. And, secondly, because it is a moderate cardio-healthy exercise

Companies and institutions are important generators of mobility, in many cases forced, so they play an important role. They should no longer be part of the problem, but part of the solution, promoting sustainable and healthy mobility habits among their employees, customers and users.

The forum will be held on February 11th and you can register for free here.

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