Cycling highways: a solution to the future!

Major capitals plan bicycle highway projects to increase cycling mobility to city centers.

One of the biggest problems for people in big cities is finding housing. Due to the many changes in the use and costs of housing, many citizens have to change their place of residence to the metropolitan area municipalities, because the market price is lower than that of large cities.

Many measure proposals, such as promoting inter-urban transport, dissuasive parking sites and tolls to reduce individual mobility.

The Netherlands, at the forefront with a wide network of city connections and by 2030 no fewer than 18 motorways. Large cycling friendly projects to increase bicycle mobility between cities.

Hovenring, a spectacular roundabout connecting four bicycle highways to access the city of Eindhoven, a safe, functional and effective investment for sustainable mobility. Can you imagine such an access to the major cities in Spain?

A new change is coming, in the last century we adapted the territory for mobility in vehicles with major motorways, but now we are facing a new stage with changes, limitations on motorways for cycling mobility.

Cities such as London, Berlin and Seoul have conducted research and projects to reach city centers via cycling highways.

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