Don Cicleto includes the Mobility by Cycling Friendly label to his Bicihangar Rocket

The companies Don Cicleto and Mobility By Cycling Friendly, join forces to transform cities all over Spain.

A pioneering agreement so that bicycle users and PMVs can leave their bicycle in a safer way. The Bicihangar Rocket, star product of the company of Don Cicleto, already installed in different points of the city of Madrid, and in process of expansion where many Spanish cities have shown interest, and in addition it will have the gaurantee seal and certification of the company Mobility By Cycling Friendly.

A unique seal throughout the country to certify mobility solution,starting with an innovative product, created by a Spanish company. From now on both companies join forces to transform all municipalities through Bicihangar in order to improve the infrastructure for cyclists and to enable them to safeguard their bicycle or scooter in a safer way.


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