DUS 5000 Programme – Sustainable Mobility Grants

Learn about Royal Decree 692/2021, which grants aid to promote clean energy and sustainable mobility in municipalities with demographic challenges (DUS 5000 PROGRAMME).

Thanks to the Regeneration and Demographic Challenge Programme of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, the Spanish Government, through Royal Decree 692/2021, has granted 75 million euros to promote energy efficiency and sustainable mobility.

A programme that aims to promote territorial cohesion, the fight against depopulation and ecological transition.

These aids reach the entire national territory, where more than 6,827 municipalities that do not exceed 5,000 inhabitants will be able to benefit from these aids. In addition, those population centers of up to 20,000 people are added, which are located outside urban areas and all their singular entities do not exceed 5,000 inhabitants.

What is the goal of these grants?

This DUS 5000 programme aims to promote Sustainable Urban Development through actions and projects that are committed to clean energy, and above all sustainable mobility, where Mobility By Cycling Friendly are experts.

Who is the target group for this aid?

According to Law 7/1985, article 3 of the Bases of the Local Regime, these aids will be financed to the following entities:

  • City Councils.
  • Deputations.
  • Island Boards.
  • Island Councils.
  • County Councils.
  • Commonwealths.

What are the grants for sustainable mobility?

Among the eligible actions, MEASURE 5 is aimed at Sustainable Mobility.

A minimum investment of €40,000 per project is set and may not exceed €3,000,000. The eligible amount is 85 % and those with a comprehensive project may be subsidised up to 100 % of the amount.

Of the aid earmarked for sustainable mobility, expenses for the elaboration of a SUMP or a Master Plan will be eligible following the guidelines for the implementation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans according to the IDAE.

Eligible actions will be allocated to:

  • Pedestrian mobility.
  • Implementation of cycling mobility in compulsory mobility.
  • Secure bicycle parking network: in schools and public buildings.
  • Adaptation of municipal or local bylaws to promote cycling.
  • School paths: pedestrian or bicycle mobility to school.
  • Electric vehicle recharging infrastructure.
  • Renewal of the electric vehicle fleet.
  • Policies to favor public transport.

And many more actions that you can find in RD 692/2021

If you have any questions about the DUS 5000 PROGRAMME or wish to implement a SUMP, a Master Plan or promote safe school routes and a bicycle parking network, do not hesitate to contact us.

Join the change and meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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