Esporles says YES to Sustainable Mobility

The municipality of Esporles has conducted a Sustainable Mobility Survey to improve mobility, fight against pollution and climate change and promote active mobility for a better quality of life.

The survey, conducted by Mobility by Cycling Friendly, includes a citizen participation process to learn more about current mobility habits and their demands.

Multimode mobility and the characterization of the municipality of Esporles responds to two different types of use.

Labor mobility is a private-car-mobility with one single passenger, with a share of 73%.

Modal share for commuting journeys in Esporles

The rest of municipal commuting, are journeys by foot (78.7%) and bicycle (30.5%).

Average modal share for non-work mobility in Esporles

Residents evaluated improving mobility on foot, by bicycle and parking facilities as the key issues to be improved. Although satisfaction with mobility was generally considered acceptable.

Acceptance of the promotion of non-motorized sustainable mobility (walking and cycling) is widespread. The YES vote is in absolute majority over the NO vote.

More than 90% of Esporles residents surveyed strongly support more sustainable mobility solutions.

Among the improvements to promote this type of mobility are the creation of more cycle lanes, pedestrian areas, proper signage to prioritize and improve safety, and the promotion of sustainable mobility for access to educational and sports centers.

A plan for all citizens to enjoy a cleaner and friendlier municipality, given the benefits that will be obtained thanks to these actions and interventions. A plan for a pioneer municipality in sustainable mobility in Majorca and the Serra de Tramuntana.

*Percentages calculated on a multiple-answer questionnaire.



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