European Bicycle Master Plan

Adopting the first pan-European plan for cycling promotion, with a triple benefit to our societies: boosting local economy, increasing people’s health and protecting actively the climate.

This European Bicycle Master Plan is a boost in promoting one of the most sustainable, inclusive, safe and healthy means of mobility: cycling.

Regional and local authorities are the key force to promote the efficient use of cycling to commute. To visit the Plan, follow thislink.

The program contains seven key goals to be implemented by countries, regions and municipalities across Europe between 2021 and 2030; to raise public awareness of the importance of cycling to commute. These goals are:

  1. Significantly increase cycling in Europe.
  2. Provide appropriate space in favour of active mobility.
  3. Extend and improve cycling infrastructure.
  4. Develop and implement national cycling policies, plans, strategies and programs.
  5. Significantly increase cyclists’ safety and reduce the number of fatalities and series injuries.
  6. Integrate cycling into health policies.
  7. Integrate cycling and cycling infrastructure into land-use, urban, regional and transport infrastructure planning.

This is a historic milestone for mobility, to work closely with international organisations to reach shared objectives, global challenges and to further advance in the progress of Sustainable Development Goals. Citizens should be aware that cycling has significant socio-economic health and environmental benefits when used as an efficient means of transport in daily commuting. Among these benefits, we can highlight:

  • Promoting policies conducive to healthy and safe modes of transport.
  • Contributing to sustainable economic development and stimulation cycling job creation.
  • Promotion a more efficient transport system, much more than the car.
  • Significantly reducing emissions of transport-related greenhouse gases (GHG).
  • Integrating transport, urban and spatial planning policies. These policies are necessary to achieve a more continuous, accessible, multi-modal and safe cycling network.

More prestige values for cycling mobility

ThisEuropean Cycling Master Planintended to give cycling mobility the prestige it deserves, so necessary in our society and especially for our future generations.

Fortunately, Europe is committed to cycling in the race for a healthier and more sustainable future.

In accordance with this plan, Spanish institutions are required to prepare their Local urbanMaster Plans.



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