Get paid to go to work by bike is coming in Spain

Getting paid to go to work by bike, a common incentive in many European countries, may arrive in Spain soon.

The Comunidad Valenciana already developed a grant for bike and PMV purchase, and could play a leading role in a major sustainable mobility change.

The socialist group of the Valencian parliament PSPV has submitted a nonbinding proposal to encourage employees who cycle to work with up to 360€.

It is not the only economic initiative they have proposed, as they also propose to apply a deduction in the autonomous part of the personal income tax of up to € 300 for people who buy bicycles or scooters, normal or electric, also asking the Spanish government to consider a similar state action.

And to encourage repairs and put more bicycles on the road, the amount requested would be a € 100 deduction in the autonomous section.

In both cases, it would be applied on an income less than € 24,000 per year.

An interesting request that we hope will flourish to continue betting on a more sustainable mobility, as well as promoting an ideal vehicle to maintain social distance in the de-escalation process after COVID-19.

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