Grants purchase bicycle or e-scooter

There are grants to purchase a bicycle or e-scooter. Honestly, it’s one step less than we would like, but it’s a start.

In previous news, we have already emphasized that bicycle sales have boomed in our cities. And the e-models in particular have experienced the biggest increases.

The e-bike plays and will play a key role in the mobility mode change that we promote from Mobility by Cycling Friendly. These bikes are groundbraking.

The psychological barrier of “it’s far away” is broken. Breaking the “uphill” barrier. Breaking the “I’m sweating” barrier. Breaking the “I’m not fit” barrier. Breaking the “I’m not at age to…” barrier.

In the end, a genuine daily mobility alternative.

The Moves III plan does not provide aids to encourage the use of bicycles

However, despite the boom of these types of vehicles, there are very few aids provided by the administrations to encourage their use.

A few months ago, the Moves III Planwas announced, which focuses only on aids for purchasing e-cars and installing the necessary recharging infrastructure.

Unlike the previous Moves II, it does not include aids for the implementation of e-bike loan systems, nor aids for corporate mobility planning. The pity of it! It appears that this will be addressed in other Ministry of Mobility proceedings. We eagerly await it, as well as the State Bicycle Strategy planning.

Aids for the purchase of e-bikes or scooters.

Not covered by the Government, the promotion to purchase bicycles and e-scooters through subsidies remains in the hands of the autonomous communities or other governments. Here are some of the available:

Valencian Community

The subsidies offered by the Valencian Community range from 75 to 250 euros, according to the vehicle type and its amount. It is a direct discount at the store of purchase and is deducted from the sale price. The requirements for access to this support are that the beneficiary lives in the community and that each person can only apply for support for one vehicle.

? Up to 250 euros for e-bikes with a price lower than 1,400 euros.

? Up to 200 euros to buy bicycle electrification kits, which amount may not exceed 600 euros.

? Up to 150 euros for bicycles with cargo elements for transporting children, maximum amount of 700 euros.

? Up to 75 euros for normal bicycles, maximum amount of 500 euros.

? Up to 75 euros for e-scooters of less than 450 euros.

Community of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has approved a budget of 500,000 euros in 2021 for the purchase of bicycles, scooters and e-motorcycles by private individuals. Two million euros will be allocated over the next two years, one for each year. The amount of aid granted may never exceed 50% of the cost of the vehicle.

? Pedal bikes with pedal assistance and a power less than or equal to 250 W: up to 50% of the purchase price before taxes, with a maximum of 600 euros.

? Inline two-wheeled e-scooters: up to 50% of the purchase price excluding taxes, with a maximum of 150 euros.


In the provincial community, there are no direct subsidies for the purchase of VMP, but tax deductions are applied for the purchase of e-motor pedal assisted bicycles. The deduction basis may not exceed 1,500 euros. In this case, e-scooters are not considered.

On a more local level, Ibiza residents also have aids for purchasing conventional bicycles (€100), electrification kit (€200), e-bike (€300) and scooters or VMP (€100).

There are also local programs in cities like Bilbao or Santander and they come out temporarily in other cities

You should keep an eye on the latest news to make sure you don’t miss this opportunity.


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