How to adapt the facilities in your company to promote sustainable mobility

Your company’s facilities shape the way the company is committed to their people.

If you are committed to a more sustainable mobility model, then we have to focus on commuting to work.

“Compulsory” labor mobilityis an important step and represents one third of all daily commuting. Increasing environmental, socio-economic impacts linked to inefficent and combustion polluting car commuting.

Being a sustainable company, implies being committed to the environmental footprint and its social impact.

Easy solution.

If we create car-oriented infrastructure, we will get cars. If we create a good cycling infrastructure, we will get bicycles.

This is an utmost proven that applies to cities, territories and of course private areas of companies and institutions.

What is certain is that if you ask employees what they need to be encouraged to cycle to work, the answer is infrastructure and a safe bicycle infrastructure.

And if you ask why, it shouldn’t surprise you that it’s due to a growing environmental and health awareness.

Commitment to car space reduction to 10 bike parking facilities.

These are the best solutionsand an active sustainable mobility strategy, cycling mobility.

5 easy solutions to encourage sustainable mobility to work.

No doubt how to change? Here are 5 simple solutions:

  • Commitment to secure bike parking facilities
  • Locker and changing rooms
  • Incentives Gifts, €/km, bike insurance, etc.
  • Tools cabinet and air pump
  • Organizing regular actions to promote cycling mobility. Routes, training camps etc.

Take good note that your employees will be committed and the planet too.


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