How to create a bike rack in your community of owners

The increase of the bicycle as a mode of transport to create more sustainable cities and as a mode of transport in the de-escalation process of COVID-19 has raised the number of questions about bike rack creation in a community of owners.

You might think that to set up a bike rack it is only necessary to have an adequate infrastructure to park the bicycles of the neighbors. And this is a very important point, where Mobility Cycling Friendly can provide your community of owners with any mobility solution.

But there are even more issues to consider when constructing bike parking facilities. Primarily those who refer to the Residents’ Association’s regulations.


Due to the complexity of the proceedings to create these secure areas to park the neighbors’ bicycles, the agreement of 100% of the building owners, or 3/5 of them, is required.

At Mobility Cycling Friendly, we also provide you with the necessary management solutions to create an “internal bicycle parking regulation scheme” in the community, as well as in the mediation and information to the owners. Contact us here for more information.

Another common question is in which part of the garage a bicycle rack can be placed. It is necessary to emphasize that the private space of a garage does not require community permission … but refers to the floor only.

If the parking lot is located on walls or columns, it is considered a common space and therefore the aforementioned protocol must be proceeded.


Also, anything related to homeowners’insurance would be binding. At Cycling Friendly Mobility we also help to make the necessary arrangements together with the insurance company, so that bicycles and the parking facilities are properly insured.

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