How to install bicycle parking in your community?

From 2027 it will be mandatory to install more bicycle parking spaces in residential buildings.

Last December, through the European Commission’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, a new binding document for all EU countries was launched.

Change starts by applying regulations to adapt residential buildings, the starting point of daily mobility.

Door-to-door mobility is very important for our cities and adapting these buildings will be a reality from 2027.

What do community builders and administrators have to do?

From now on all new and renovated residential buildings must have at least 1.5 to 2 bicycle parking spaces per residential unit and 10% of that space must also be dedicated to cargo bikes.

This regulation clarifies that there shall be at least two bicycle parking spaces per dwelling in residential buildings, provided that there are more than 3 parking spaces.

Within this normative document, the technical part that was represented by the European Cyclist Federation can be included; where it required that at least in non-residential buildings there should be more than 15% of the space destined to customers and employees to promote labor mobility.

A big step for all urban mobility enthusiasts and especially urban cyclists is that, from 2027, they must feature at least one bicycle parking space per car parking space.

A job that many city councils in our country have progressed and many of them are updating their PGOU so that both residential and non-residential buildings have those parking spaces.

How should residential buildings adapt these proposals?

Mobility By Cycling Friendly wants to make a call to all administrators of neighborhood communities through Law 49/1960 of horizontal property.

A neighborhood meeting must be agreed, to propose adapting the architectural elements of the building so that these changes can be approved.

Specifically, Article 17(3) states that:

The establishment or suppression of porter’s lodge, concierge, surveillance or other common services of general interest, whether or not they entail a modification of the constitutive title or the statutes, shall require the favorable vote of three-fifths of the total owners, representing three-fifths of the participation quotas.

Article 17.4 also states that the owner, who does not agree to the installation of the “services or improvements not required for the proper upkeep, habitability, security and accessibility of the property”, when the installation costs “exceeds the amount of three ordinary monthly payments of common expenses”, shall not be obliged to pay for the installation. The dissenting owner may in the future “pay his share for construction and maintenance costs, duly updated by applying the corresponding legal interest”, in case he changes his mind or requires use of the bicycle parking.

What are the benefits of adapting a residential space as a bicycle parking?

  1. Neighbours end up gaining space in their homes by not having to store the bikes in their homes.
  2. If the neighbours do not agree to adapt a suitable bike space, situations can arise of anarchic use of common areas where bicycles are stored, which can lead to neighborhood conflicts.
  3. It contributes to generating a better cohesion among the neighbors who sign up to the daily use of bicycles.
  4. It is an improvement on the idea of the traditional parking-storage room, where bicycles were simply stored without a proper order.

What bike parking facilities do we recommend for your neighborhood community?

We are experts on the subject and offer multiple solutions for residential buildings. Among the most successful products in Spain are two tier bike racks, which have already been installed in many European countries.

Grants Bicycle Spain

Make sure that sustainable mobility and your bicycle storage space is not a residual space and give it visual prominence.

Many residents’ associations have already decided to take a step to promote sustainable mobility among their neighbours by offering a suitable and safe space to store bicycles through Mobility By Cycling Friendly.

Visit our page on the mobility solutions we offer and contact to us for personalized advice.


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