ISB Spain, Cycling Friendly Mobility company.

Pedaling against pollution, climate change and Covid-19 thanks to a policy promoting the use of bicycles; a priority for ISB.

ISB SPAIN has taken a step forward in its corporate policy and is committed to a sustainable bicycle mobility plan, hand in hand with the consultancy specializing in Sustainable Mobility Cycling Friendly Mobility.

A step that comes a long way, as ISB SPAIN is a company committed to reducing CO2 emissions.

Through direct actions, such as the sustainable bicycle mobility plan, it seeks to do its bit in the fight against pollution to enjoy cleaner and friendlier cities.

ISB Spain is concerned about the environment at all levels and the “New Mobility” has not taken them off guard.

ISB has been manufacturing parts for the bicycle industry for years, but also for other sustainable means of transport such as the scooter.

Both within their ISB Sport line, with bearings for small wheel sports applications.

But they are also concerned about their employees. Companies that support cycling policies have been proven to have happier employees, and ISB understands this.

By taking direct actions, they try to get to their workplace by bicycle in a comfortable and safe way.

It is a clear commitment to face the Covid-19 crisis and social distancing. Where the bicycle is the best means of transport, not only to prevent the transmission of the virus, but also to provide the cities with oxygen.

In this line ISB SPAIN joins the AMBE (Spanish Bicycle & Brands Association) campaign “Cuídate en Bici, Muévete en Bici”.

“Improve your environment, improve your health, and avoid crowds”, promoting the use of bicycles internally so that all employees work together to supply the planet with oxigen, a planet that calls for our help.

A small change to the internal mobility plan of your employees, but a big step towards adapting to the Sustainable Development Goals recommended by the WHO in view of their mandatory compliance by 2030.

At ISB SPAIN they have started pedaling for a cleaner future, a big business commitment for the health of their employees, for the society we live in and for the environment, they are clear that the time is now, there is no planet B.

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