IRSE-EBI starts an engagement process to promote Sustainable Mobility among its employees

The process starts with a mobility surveyunder its 400 employees located in several work centers

At theIRSE-EBI institute, based in Bilbao, they have been committed for over 30 years to improve people’s quality of life.

But now they want to go a step further. They act to improve both employees’ and environmental well-being.

IRSE-EBI is committed to sustainable mobility with Cycling Friendly Mobility

IRSE-EBI has recently launched a mobility survey of its almost 400 employees. The data obtained from this mobility survey will be used to analyze, among other things:

  • The current employees’ mobility habits.
  • The current model share.
  • Improvement opportunities and awareness of employees.

What is the final goal?

Implement more sustainable and healthy models. In this way, greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants that cause diseases and deaths resulting from poor airquality are reduced.

To encourage response, participating employees will be included into a lottery of two magnetic bicycle lights.

According to this NGO officials:

“We want to make a qualitative leap in transport, launch a new Sustainable Mobility Plan with Cycling Friendly Mobility and promote a means of transport based on substantial environmental, health, punctuality, etc … improvements”

The mission of the IRSE-EBI institute is to improve the quality of life of people involved in legal proceedings. Also elderly or minors involved in legal proceedings, and victims of any type of crime.

With a people-oriented model, the main goal of IRSE-EBI is to raise awareness about the human and social issues of these groups, demanding their rights in front of all public and private entities.

In this sense, sustainable mobility becomes another tool of social change. Therein, the bicycle is the guiding vehicle and the flagship of this sustainable, ecological, efficient and healthy model.

IRSE-IBI and Cycling Friendly Mobility #WeRideAgainstClimateChange

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