A Bicycle Master Plan is a strategic planning tool within a municipality that will define a set of objectives and strategies to increase cycling.

However, BMPs should go beyond a single area and should not be limited to a single municipality, but the different municipalities should be able to follow the same line of mobility strategy.

For this, the territory must be known and the number of bicycle commutes to promote the improvement of the entire infrastructure (network of bicycle paths, safe parking spaces, repair stations).

The BMPs should include a communication strategy aimed at promotion and training based on various information and education campaigns in which all social actors can participate: from schools to companies to promote bicycle mobility within the municipality, so that we move towards a more sustainable and active mobility for people who should play the leading role.

Within our BMP, people will participate in the development process and in the actions to be carried out in the plan.

Launch yourself and promote bicycle use in your municipality through our Bicycle Masterplans.
Cycling in schools. Awareness of the institutions:
From Mobility By Cycling Friendly, we work together with institutions to promote the use of the bicycle as the most important means of transport in the new Sustainable Urban Mobility.

The need for sustainable transport
40% of the daily commute in cities is to go to work or study centers.

Car: polluting means of transport
Unfortunately, almost 60% of this commute is done by car.

Goal: a conscious society
Increase the number of citizens who forgo the use of private combustion vehicles and switch to cycling for their daily commute.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • ¿La redacción de un Plan Director de la Bicicleta obliga o compromete a seguir sus indicaciones?
    EL PDB establece las directrices a seguir en materia de infraestructuras, servicios y seguridad vial ciclista y su seguimiento debe ser voluntario, pero no obligatorio. Si se requiere de unas medidas fijas, se debe complementar el plan con una efectiva Ordenanza de Circulación.
  • ¿Cuál es el objetivo principal de un PDB?
    El objetivo principal de un Plan Director de la Bicicleta es, tras analizar las características territoriales, sociales y económicas, y la oferta y la demanda de la movilidad ciclista en la ciudad o municipio en el que se trabaje, impulsar la movilidad en bicicleta como modo de movilidad cotidiana.