A comfortable and safe bicycle repair, workshop and inflation station. Cycling Friendly Bike tools protect the tool from bad weather and vandalism and provide a solution for any user to carry out basic repairs and adjustments to the bike.

In addition, the tool station includes a pump to inflate the tires, one of the most important needs of every cyclist.

Self manageable:
It is ideal for unguarded places, but also for places where the cyclist has no other alternatives nearby (repair shops,...).

Access via app:
Mechanical opening, with computer system via App, and even with the possibility to include solar panels for electrical self-management. Very easy installation!

Various tools:
By opening the station, the user accesses to a full range of tools to adjust the bike and keep pedaling.

Bike support:
The station has a bicycle holder system so that the user can repair and adjust the bicycle with total comfort.

Shopping Center like Mallorca Fashion Outlet already have their Cycling Friendly! tool bench. The best solution to boost bicycle use among employees and/or customers.

Technical features
  • Material
    Structure with opening mechanism via app. Inflation pump. Hexagonal allen key set. Spanner. Pliers. Flat and Phillips screwdrivers. Detachable. The station is equipped with a bike clamping system so that the user can repair and adjust his bike with total comfort.
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