The bicycle hangar is a very efficient mobility solution for large community bicycle parking areas. A common parking system in European countries that addresses the needs of cyclists, especially in the most densely populated areas of cities.

Access via app or code
The door has access control and a computer system via App or code that provides greater security to its users. The customer who purchases the Mobility By Cycling Friendly hangar can choose whether to offer the use of the hangar for free or a fee for its use. Both options can use the mobile app as an opening system.

Reduce bike theft
It minimizes the risk of theft, vandalism and provides a very safe and convenient solution for all users.

Where is it recommended to install a bike locker?
Ideal for large spaces, institutions, shopping centers, train stations,... In short, places where the number of bicycle users is very high. It is a very useful mobility solution to promote intermodality, mixed commuting by bicycle and public transport.

Protects the bicycle from bad weather
In many cases, the roofed structure protects the bicycle from external elements such as rain and allows the cyclist to ride on a dry bicycle, even if it has rained. The bike is in better condition because it suffers less from bad weather and its materials are less exposed to the sun.

Technical features
  • Capacity
    From 8 to 80 bicycles depending on the number of modules (between 1 and 8).
  • Material
    Polycarbonate vault, aluminum fronts and support bases. Sliding door with irreversible electromechanical gearmotor opening. Intelligent parking system, keyboard, security camera. Complies with European legislation Directive 98/37/CE and Standards EN13242-1, EN12445, EN12453 and EN12635.
  • Sizes
    Between 5.50*1.80 and 5.55*15.40, depending on the number of modules.