Maximize efficiency when storing your bikes by placing them vertically on our Cycling Friendly bike hangers.
A solution that gives you an elegant and efficient column so that your walls are not stained by the wheels, a guide to allow you to place the bike easily, and a very sturdy hook hanger and also designed to hang any type of bike (road, MTB, urban, e-bike, triathlon...). Highly economical and easy to install, it is the perfect mobility solution for homes, owner communities, hotels, offices... If you want to transform your facilities at low cost, don't think twice!

Recommended distance between hangers: 0.5 m.

Technical features
  • Material
    Black DIBOND® composite aluminium sheet printed on one side5 Holes for wall fixing 3mm diameter. Braided steel cable 5mm transparent plastic coated 130cm length. Hanging hook with protective rubber
  • Sizes
    1,5 m x 0,3 m.
  • Weight
    1,2 Kg.