It’s time to take stock of matters

A difficult year on mobility, but hope for the vaccine, sustainable mobility by bicycle.

The end of 2020 is approaching and we are trying to assess everything that has happened and we can only say that it has been a difficult year. That, despite the best efforts, it is a fast moving situation.

Mobility limitations have been a continuous and effective tool to counter the transmission of COVID-19. However, free movement is the essence of citizens, it is theirright and affects social and economic activity. The health situation of COVID-19 has changed people’s mobility habits. This circumstance has had both positive and negative effects.

The downsides are well known and, because we are optimistic, we are going to focus on the positives.

Confinement and mobility restrictions allowed us to observe how the natural environment took over the cities. We “enjoyed” clean, quietcities with more pedestrians areas. The good data on pollution has confirmed the impact of the private combustion car on air quality.

“In short, we confirmed that sustainable mobility is no longer an option, but an absolute necessity.”

In the first weeks of the de-escalation we experienced the bicycleboom. Either leisure or forced mobility, the bicycle is an excellent individual means of transport, safe, ecological, efficient, healthy, economical, sustainable, comfortable and quiet.

If cycling remains when we finally reach the new normal, we will be on the path of the new mobility. Sustainable mobility by cycling.

Thebicycle is one of the hopeful vaccines, theCycling Friendly Mobility vaccine against climate change.

Those who follow and support us know that we keep looking for solutions, resources and energy wherever we think we can find them. We see hope in the coming year, light at the end of the tunnel of this health, economic and social crisis. We are also hopeful about the jump of the mobility model to more sustainable means.

… theCycling Friendly Mobility team

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