Landscaping, urban planning and sustainable mobility

A setting, an emotion. That’s what moves landscaping to urban planning and sustainable mobility.

There are incredible corners where a beautiful scenery becomes functional, profitable and productive for people and cities.

Several landscaping projects focused on sustainable mobility to enjoy cycling.

Today we present two of them, located in two different parts of Europe: Belgium and the Netherlands. Two States with a strong cycling tradition. Two great examples of landscaping, urban planning and sustainable mobility.

If you visit Belgium and have a passion for cycling, you should definitely visit the nature reserve De Wijers. You literally cycle through the water for 212 meters long, dividing a pond in two.

A unique and lively experience in a natural environment, one of the benchmarks for cycling enthusiasts from all over the country.

If we create the right setting, we will create the right use.

With more than 500,000 visits per year. Unique in the world, family-friendly in the middle of nature, cycling through water and keeping your head above without getting wet, experiencing and discovering the new inhabitants of the spot, such as different birds and amphibians. Can you imagine this in the Retiro Park in Madrid?

From day to night on a second cycle lane, safe, functional and striking. To the city of Nuenen, the Netherlands.

Original and unique cycle lane lighting upat night, an energy-saving project and cycling safe thanks to its lighting. Based on “Van Gogh’s Starry Night”.

Close your eyes, dream and enjoy sustainable mobility cycling projects in your city.


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