MITMA presents the campaign “Bike to work”

Today at 12:30 the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda will launch the awareness campaign “Bike to work”, aiming to promote cycling as a means of daily transport.

This goal is in line with one of the key points of the State Strategy for Bicycles presented in June 2021, which included among other things:

  • The evaluation of fiscal policies in favour of cycling as a means of transport.
  • Support for cycling-friendly measures in shops, especially local ones.
  • Making cycling a widespread and inclusive transport option.

These aims led to a series of proposed actions, such as promoting the implementation of transport to work plans by companies and entities, the creation of the Bike to Work platform or the design of bike to work event programsthat are accompanied by a guide to promote cycling to work.

The same State Bicycle Strategy is also considering exploring the possibility of amending tax rules to include cycling to work as a concept of payment in kind, creating a list of companies that provide bicycle commuting facilities to their employees, and publish the terms and conditions to facilitate the purchase and maintenance of bicycles for commuting.

The presentation of the campaign, at the Palacio Zurbano in Madrid

MITMA will meet for the occasion at the Zurbano Palace in Madrid from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. with representatives of various Ministries, local entities and cycling associations, in which the progress made in cycling since the presentation of the State Bicycle Strategy will be announced. Progress mainly linked to the three instruments that have been developed or are under development: Safe, Sustainable and Connected Mobility Strategy, the forthcoming Sustainable Mobility Law and the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

The campaign “Bike to Work” promotes cycling commuting and everyday transportation, encouraging companies to join the sustainable boost. The campaign will include a list of good practices, accompanied by audiovisual material that can be broadcast from today.
At Mobility by Cycling Friendly we know first-hand that more and more companies and institutions are committed to a more sustainable mobility among their employees, promoting mobility plans, transport to work and mobility solutions that provide facilities to their workers.


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