Mobility By Cycling Friendly, awarded company to promote sustainable mobility in Enkarterri (Euskadi)

Our company will install 15 bicycle washing stations and 3 smart repair stations for the Enkarterri community.

Once the binding planning and strategy documents to improve urban environments have been established, many city councils, provinces and municipal associations are already installing a number of infrastructures to improve their municipalities. Enkarterri is located in the westernmost part of the province of Vizcaya (Euskadi), which consists of 10 municipalities and more than 30,000 inhabitants, highlighting its outstanding landscape and scenic value.

A community that has made a great commitment to cycle tourism and sustainable mobility in 2021 and wishing to continue in 2022.

For this reason, it launched a public contract in December to provide municipalities with a service of washing and repair stations.

In 2022, a total of 15 washing stations will be installed throughout the community.

These washing stations will be located in strategic places according to Enkarterri’s technical secretariat. A service that few places in our country own today, and Enkarterri will be an ideal place for urban cycling.

Mobility By Cycling Friendly repair stations consist of cleaning brushes for bicycle frames, spokes and discs.

They also have a custom-made design for the institution.

In addition to the 15 washing stations, 3 smart Bike Toolswere also awarded so that the cyclists themselves can repair the bicycle and inflate the tyres during their journey. Self-managed and easy to use.

The repair stations provided by Mobility By Cycling Friendly are smart and mobile application operated so that they can be opened automatically, avoiding inclement weather and vandalism.

Undoubtedly, Enkarterri is a municipality that will own Mobility By Cycling Friendly Certification in 2022.


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