Mobility by Cycling Friendly, at the 2022 Summit Sustainable Mobility Companies

Sustainable Mobility Companies 2022 Summit with the participation of Mobility by Cycling Friendly along with other companies, and the presence of the Secretary General of Transport and Mobility, María José Rallo.

At Mobility by Cycling Friendly we could not miss the Summit 2022 organised by Sustainable Mobility Companies, an organization of companies committed to a future with healthier forms of mobility.

For the occasion, our CMO Juan Antonio Lobón was present at the round table “Facilitating sustainable mobility to work”: Best practices, sharing space with representatives of the companies Merlin Properties, Ideagenia, Bus Up and emovili.

We are in a time of rising demand for a change in a daily mobility model, where labor mobility plays a key role, concentrated in rush hours when traffic density increases exponentially.

This creates great challenges in cities, with pollution problems that must be addressed with courageous initiatives. Mobility by Cycling Friendly aims to change this culture among our country’s workers.

Public-private understanding is necessary to achieve this common goal to improve labor mobility.

How? To achieve this goal and change a clearly unsustainable model in cities, it is important to have tools that ease this transition towards a new mobility.

That’s why we use our transport to work plans, with which it is intended to seek balance and equality in all commuting both in labore as in itinere. Change in mobility starts with people and it is therefore important that workers are involved in this change process.

Transport to work plans as the backbone of new mobility

From the experience of recent years, we know that transport to work plans are essential documents for companies and institutions towards a new, more sustainable, efficient and safe labor mobility. These transport-to-work plans will be binding in the coming years, and involve a comprehensive analysis of a company’s mobility through employee participation. This basic preliminary study allows us to work on the development of a vision to implement certain changes in which mobility on foot, by bicycle or scooter, carsharing and public transport remove the place of the private car for commuting to work.

Several surveys conducted on mobility to work have come to very similar conclusions: environment, health, economicimprovements in the macro perspective and work environment, reduction of absenteeism and improvement worker productivity in the micro perspective.

When a transport to work plan is well developed and distributed among employees, the chance of success is greater. We have seen it in the different companies we have worked with so far, where the application of actions such as the “time bonus”, encourages the use of sustainable means in exchange for a reduction in working hours, has helped to change mobility patterns.

At Mobility by Cycling Friendly we believe that there should be bold policies by companies to promote more sustainable labor mobility among workers in the country. We know that we are a little behind other European countries, but that does not mean that we cannot change this dynamic and put ourselves at the forefront of innovation in mobility models.

It should be based on the premise that any company of a certain size should have a transport to work plan that follows strategic lines in line with the infrastructure improvements offered by cities and municipalities.

Investment in infrastructure, also essential

It is also important to work on adapting workplaces, which until now have been designed for mobility by car, and which should have parking spaces to leave bikes and scooters safely, lockers and extra showers in case employees needed them. Companies must be aware that working for employee’s wellbeing equals work for the benefit of their own companies.

To help promote the infrastructure part of buildings, at Mobility by Cycling Friendly we have launched the certifications of sustainable buildings, in which we issue a seal of sustainability after meeting certain parameters of accessibility, infrastructure, communication and building safety. In addition, we have a sustainable renting line, focused on offering fleets of electric bikes and scooters to companies at competitive prices, in order to encourage them to commit to green mobility among their employees.


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