Mobility by Cycling Friendly will develop Cajamar Transport to Work Plan at its headquarters in Valencia

At Mobility by Cycling Friendly we are very pleased to be able to develop Cajamar Transport to Work Plan at its headquarters in Valencia, so that its employees can commute to the workplace in a more sustainable way.

At Mobility by Cycling Friendly we will develop Cajamar transport plan to work at its headquarters in Valencia. A PTT is expected to improve road safety for workers, promoting efficient, safe and sustainable commuting. A change in commuting dynamics that will lead to improvements in employee health, economic savings and an immediate reduction in CO2 emissions.

It also does so in Valencia, which has undergone a deep change in sustainable mobility in recent years, making it easier for companies to commit to more efficient models of commuting to workplace.

To develop the CajamarTransport to Work Plan, a first phase starts with a preliminary situation analysis, which defines the goals, the company’s commitment and the timeline for the development of the PTT.

In a second phase, a territorial analysis of the Cajamar headquarters in Valencia will be made, analyzing the mobility habits to the workplace in order to subsequently carry out a SWOT analysis.

Facing a third phase, the action plan will be drawn up based on the established diagnosis, with a proposal of the company’s needs based on the stated goals.

Once the proposed actions have been implemented, the company’s mobility dynamics will be monitored and positive changes towards more sustainable mobility are expected.

Although the implementation of Transport to Work Plans by companies is not currently mandatory, more and more companies are committed to their development, to encourage their employees to commute more sustainably and thus contribute to the SDG 2030.

Do you want to become a company that cares about the mobility of its employees? Contact usand we will help you.


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