Territorial and socio-economic vision to provide the best mobility solutions for your municipality.

At Cycling Friendly Mobility we share our vision to carry out a mobilityresearch for your municipality.

The importance of a mobility research for your municipality enables you to make the best decisions about sustainable mobility, the use of public transport, the bicycle and to promote the importance of pedestrians.

The 5 stages of the research:

Cycling Friendly Mobility introduces you to the5 different stages to set up a mobility research in your municipality.

A first stage of goals and methodology with a work team: including the police of your municipality, technicians from your own municipality and the mobility council member.

Goals about what your municipality is really looking for to provide mobility solutions.

A second and third stage of territorial analysis. A diagnosis of the current mobility in the municipality and the socio-economic context of the population, in which we record the meters of the most critical points in your municipality, mapped via GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

The fourth, the most appealing and most important, is citizen participation to set up online and offline surveys about mobility in the municipality and a suggestion box so that the population can participate freely and give their opinion about mobility in your city or municipality.

And the last one, mobility problem solutions. With several proposals: promoting bicycle use, school paths, 30 zones, resident areas.

And also infrastructure solutions with the construction of bicycle parking facilities, cycle lanes and signage.

If your municipality really needs a mobility research, Cycling Friendly Mobilityoffers you the best mobility solutions.

More and more municipalities are using our services.


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