One third of Spanish society is considering cycling to work!

Spanish society is starting to consider new ways of travelling and cycling to work is one of the options considered by 1 in 3 Spaniards.

The bicycle has been voted one of the safest means of transport to prevent the spread of COVID19, according to a recent study by, according to 9 in 10 Spaniards polled.

After asking yourself, “How do you plan to commute to work when the lockdown is over?” We though observe a certain mentality change in society. Traveling by private vehicles is being pushed aside and users are reluctant to use public transport. The bicycle is the means of transport chosen by 36.6%.

For this situation of commuting by bicycle, many of the respondents believe that the autonomous communities should provide a major assistance and improve the cycling infrastructure, it is essential to build more cycle lanes and improve bicycle parking facilities.

It’s the key moment for the ecological transition to sustainable mobility. Sustainable means of transport form the basis of society in its movements to avoid making mistakes from the past again.

One consequence of this de-escalation for Spanish society is that outdoor sports will gain many followers. It allows us to practice sports with a low risk infection.

One of the sports that benefits the most is cycling, above gyms and closed spaces.

Therefore, this new step is very important to change the habits of Spanish society and cycling to work only brings benefits.

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