Paris will prohibit access to vehicles in about 185 schools

One more measure adopted by the consistory to adapt to the new sustainable mobility policy.

Paris is already preparing for the start of the school year with sustainability in mind, according to a recent article in “Le Parisien”. It is a tactical measure to adapt schools to sustainable mobility.

This measure aims:

  • Giving eduction centers more space.
  • Endow the city with tactical urbanism with paint to make the entire vicinity of schools for pedestrian and cycling use only.

“If there are more children, there will be more security.”

Francesco Tonucci*

The closure of traffic near schools is already being implemented in several European cities, creating a positive impact on the educational community and is also well received by the parent associations themselves.

These measures are related to the European project STARS(Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for schools), which targets students as well as teachers, management teams and non-teaching staff. Among the goals are the following:

  • Promote active commuting from home to school, both cycling and walking.
  • Promoting children’s and adolescent’s autonomy.
  • Promote public space among minors.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, it is a measure that causes some anxiety and criticism among parents as they will find it difficult to leave their children near school.

However, we are sure that thanks to these new safe lanes, along schools with gardens, will delight the little ones and arise emotions.

A first step towards shifting schools into sustainable mobility hubs where bicycle and PMV parking spaces will eventually have to be increased.

*The author is the creator of the children’s city, which aims to provide cities with more public spaces and empathize with them.

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