Physical health benefits of cycling.

Cycling has many benefits for our physical health.

Several studies have confirmed all these advantages for those who use the bicycle as a means of transport, both for leisure and for sports.

The conclusions are overwhelming! Cycling has many benefits for your health:

  • Helps to maintain muscle mass and strength.
  • It helps to maintain body fat, cholesterol and testosterone levels stable.
  • Anti-aging: Its anti-aging benefits even positively affect the immune system. Cycling increases the production of T lymphocytes, an advantage that especially shows in older people.
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease by up to 45% by strengthening the entire cardiovascular system, through improved blood flow and lowering blood pressure.
  • Improve your lung capacity. Increases oxygen uptake capacity and the way it is transported through your body, which also stimulates blood circulation.
  • Prevents back pain: regular leg movements strengthen muscles and help prevent injuries.
  • Strengthens your joints: 70-80% of the body weight during cycling is absorbed by the saddle, so that the joints are little stressed. In addition, energy and nutrients are spread more easily to the cartilage due to the cyclical pedaling movement.
  • The bicycle allows us to mobilize phagocytes, cells that help kill bacteria in the human body and cancer cells (regular use of the bicycle can reduce the risk of cancer by almost 50%).

And don’t forget the benefits for your mental health!

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