Pollution causes 7% of deaths

One of the biggest problems of a non-sustainable mobility model is over-pollution. This overload, based on the thresholds recommended by the World Health Organization, causes 1000 deaths a year in Barcelona, 7% of the total.

The Barcelona Public Health Agency research also indicates pollution is linked to the 11% increase in lung cancer cases. 33% in cases of childhood asthma.

The study confirmed that the WHO target level and the EU legal limit for nitrogen oxides NO2 (a dangerous pollutant closely related to traffic) were exceeded by 40 micrograms per cubic meter in the city in 2019. Also the PM10 particles (20 micrograms per cubic meter). And particles PM2,5 (10 micrograms).

35% of the residents of Barcelona are exposed to an excess of NO2

The city council points to traffic as the major responsability for the situation and insists that its reduction should be the main measure to reduce mortality.

For this reason, experts jointly point to the importance of sustainable mobilityand the most appropriate way to face the pollution problem is to reduce private vehicles in the city.

Researchers from ISGlobal (Institute of Global Health) have indicated that Barcelona is the city with the highest traffic density in Europe and one of the most accumulated in the world. 6.000 per square kilometer.

Last spring’s lockdown confirmed the link between traffic and pollution. Studies also link pollution particles to a higher rate of COVID transmission and a major impact. In cities with polluted air, there is a higher risk of death from coronavirus, up to 11% higher than average.

In addition, 60% of the public infrastructure is focused on the private vehicle, which, paradoxically, is usually parked. The strategy includes not only mobility changes, but also addressing this public space to the well-being of the people who live there.

We have on occasion already mentioned the right of citizens to health, and certainly the right to live in a healthy environment. This right is fully linked to the right to sustainable mobility, promoted from Cycling Friendly Mobility

Sustainable mobility vs pollution
The bicycle as a means to reduce pollution.

Encouraging walking and cyclingnot only helps to reduce the nuisance caused by motorized traffic. But also contribute to a lifestyle that improves physical and mental fitness.

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