The Spanish air pollution cost is € 926 per inhabitant per year. Conclusion of a research published by the European Health Alliance Association, considering the factors involved, including health expenditure of people affected by air pollution-related diseases. The European average per citizen is € 1250 per year

Air pollution comes at a cost and is a serious environmental health concern, according to numerous researches. For example, the State of Global Air 2020 general report indicates that air pollution in open spaces and inside buildings causes the death of nearly one million newborns worldwide. As already discussed in previous news from Cycling Friendly Mobility.

Another way to take the troubling reality of air pollution seriously is to calculate the economic damage this situation is causing in each of the cities and countries concerned. Sometimes the reference to economic costs makes us more aware of the problem.

The study examines 432 European cities with a total of 130 million inhabitants. In conclusion, air pollution represents an average additional cost of 385 million euros per city per year. Representing a total of EUR 166,000 million per year, with data from 2018. The European average per inhabitant is 1250 euros per year, which equates to 3.9% of the city’s income

Transport policy can certainly influence the situation and cities can reduce costs by switching to emission-free urban mobility, ”says EPHA.

The per capita incidence varies depending on the locality. The size of the cities has a direct impact on costs. Also the areas with the highest population density and the locations with less purchasing power. In the case of Spain, the highest costs per capita correspond to Barcelona, at 1256 euros, followed by Guadalajara (1183) and Madrid (1169). At the bottom Santa Cruz de Tenerife (382).

Pollution costs per capita
Top 10 Spanish cities with the highest costs. (EPHA/La Vanguardia)

However, in absolute terms (due to the larger population), the highest overall costs correspond to Madrid, at more than € 3383 million per year. Barcelona 2020 million euros per year.

Air pollution cost map per capita at European level.

Air pollution cost map (EPHA / La Vanguardia)

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