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Jun 29
8 keys of the Moves Plan to benefit from an EV

Tanto si eres un particular como un autónomo que quiere adquirir un vehículo eléctrico por sus grandes ventajas en cuanto a una movilidad eficiente y sostenible, sin duda debes saber que tienes el Plan MOVES a tu alcance. Y es que el Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico, aprobó el 13 de […]

Nov 04
DUS 5000 Programme – Sustainable Mobility Grants

Conoce el Real Decreto 692/2021, donde se concenden ayudas para fomentar una energía limpia y la movilidad sostenible en municipios de reto demográfico (PROGRAMA DUS 5000). Gracias al Programa de Regeneración y Reto Demográfico del Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia el Gobierno de España a través de Real Decreto 692/2021 se concede un importe […]

Sep 03
The Valencian Community is committed to sustainable mobility

The Valencian Community launched a new public subsidy to promote sustainable mobility. This subsidy is aimed at both companies and the public sector. All projects that promotesustainable urban mobility, urban logistics projects, the promotion of urban transport and bicycle loan services, urban cycle lanes, bicycle parking will be subsidized. The Valencian Community has been working […]

Aug 30
1,000 million euros in grants for cycling infrastructure

Hoy te damos a conocer una nueva solución de movilidad para guardar tu bicicleta o VMP dentro de las ciudades: el Bicihangar Rocket. Un tipo de aparcamiento que entra dentro de los proyectos de infraesctuctura ciclista en el marco de las ayudas a Ayuntamientos asociadas al Plan de Recuperación, Zonas de bajas emisiones y transformación del […]

Jul 20
Grants purchase bicycle or e-scooter

There are grants to purchase a bicycle or e-scooter. Honestly, it’s one step less than we would like, but it’s a start. In previous news, we have already emphasized that bicycle sales have boomed in our cities. And the e-models in particular have experienced the biggest increases. The e-bike plays and will play a key […]

Nov 19
Mobility research in 5 stages

Territorial and socio-economic vision to provide the best mobility solutions for your municipality. At Cycling Friendly Mobility we share our vision to carry out a mobilityresearch for your municipality. The importance of a mobility research for your municipality enables you to make the best decisions about sustainable mobility, the use of public transport, the bicycle […]

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Oct 26
Financial aids to the purchase of bicycles in the Community of Madrid.

The Community of Madrid has published the support system for the purchase of city e-bikes and regional bicycles in the Official Gazette. A package of direct financial aids for the purchase of e-scooters, two-wheeled pedal powered bicycles and two-wheeled mopeds. The total budget is € 2,050,000 and for bicycles, retroactively from January 1, 2020, support […]

Aug 31
Back to school, cycling.

In times of pandemic, more than ever, bike to school Minister Celaá insists that parents take their children riding a bike on the safest roads and avoiding public transport. Every morning, on television, we have information on back to schoolby teachers, unions and the government, as well as on security measures and the school action […]

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Jul 08
Get paid to go to work by bike is coming in Spain

Getting paid to go to work by bike, a common incentive in many European countries, may arrive in Spain soon. The Comunidad Valenciana already developed a grant for bike and PMV purchase, and could play a leading role in a major sustainable mobility change. The socialist group of the Valencian parliament PSPV has submitted a […]

Jun 17
Plan MOVES II: grants to promote sustainable mobility.

The Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) has published the details of the MOVES II Plan, a new aid package to promote sustainable mobility. MOVES II aims to contribute to improving the decarbonization goals of the transport sector as set out in the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan, PNIEC 2021-2030, and facilitate recovery […]

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