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Oct 17
Learn how we calculate in itinire journeys and CO2 emissions

In order to implement a Sustainable Transport to Work Plan, it is essential to obtain data in order to make a series of strategies to improve worker mobility and, above all, to be committed to the environment. Following the instructions of the Ministry for Energy Transition, IDAE (Institute for the Diversification of Energy Saving) and […]

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Jun 30
Find out the traffic index in Spain 2021

Según el índice de tráfico publicado por TomTom, las ciudades han vuelto a niveles de tráfico previos a la pandemia. Tomtom no solo nos ayuda a movernos por el mundo gracias a la gran base de datos que dispone en la actualidad. Más allá de ser un simple GPS y gracias a los datos móviles, […]

Apr 21
We join the bike effect with the Cycling 2 Work campaign

Starting May 1, Cycling Friendly employees will have more facilities biking to work. It’s said that we are defined not so much by what we say as by what we do. Words can often be empty if they are not matched by deeds. And that is why we wanted to go a step further and […]

Mar 14
In which cities in Spain did air quality improve most in 2021?

At the beginning of the year, the Sustainability Observatory presented a relevant report on air quality in Spain in 2021. Last January, the Sustainability Observatory published a revealing report analysing which cities had most improved their air quality, which were the most polluted, and what post-Covid effects had been found in Spain’s 80 most populated […]

Aug 23
Sustainable, healthy and safe mobility

The annual theme of the European Mobility Week 2021 is “Sustainable, healthy and safe mobility”. A nod to the setbacks during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also to the opportunities for change that arise in a crisis.. European Mobility Week 2021 will take place from 16 to 22 September and, without neglecting the reduction of emissions, […]

Jul 25
Cycling boom post-covid

Acoording to the study, more than 700,000 new bicycle users have joined the practice of cycling in Spain during the COVID-19 pandemic, and more than 370,000 people have started with the scooter. ‘The bicycle and the scooter in pandemic times in urban spanish areas‘, by the Cities for Bicycle Network (RCxB). The pandemic has sparked […]

Jul 22
Benefits of Cycling to the Hospital

One of the challenges for 2021 is to improve mobility by cycling to the hospital. Hospitals are one of the essentials in cities that are visited by thousands of citizens every day and often host the highest traffic. According to urban viewpoints, they are located on the city outskirts because of their large urban area. […]

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Jul 19
The DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) designs the Low Emission Zone signal for all municipalities

The new Law on Sustainable Mobility,promoted by the Government,aims to highlight the benefits of low emission zones. A new recipe to boost the use of bicycles in large Spanish cities thanks to the new Sustainable Mobility Law. Years ago, Barcelona pioneered the creation of a roadmap for theLow Emission Zone to improve air quality. Between […]

Jul 08
The function of a cycling center in a workplace.

At Mobility by Cycling Friendly, we specialize in adapting infrastructure focused on bicycles, creating comfortable and safe places to commute to your workplace by cycling. Are you a cycling-friendly company committed to promoting sustainable mobility at work enabling employees to commute by cycling or are you one of the employees who is daily commuting to […]

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Jun 10
Cycling, you will arrive earlier

Cycling is the fastest and most efficient way to urban commuting. Cycling is time saving. Mobility in big cities is a huge problem for citizens, who waste a lot of time commuting, stuck in traffic jams. According to anAECOC report, the citizens of Barcelona lose up to 147 hours a year in traffic jams. If […]

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